Sew Heart Felt Shirley Sheep Slipper

Sew Heart Felt

Shirley Sheep Felt Slippers
  • £25.00

Shirley is a gorgeous sheep with a creamy white looped coat and happy smiling face.

Sew Heart Felt slippers are created by shaping organic wool with soap, water and hand pressure.  Delicately sewn features, little ears and tails bring the characterful animal slippers to life! Cross stitched, soft suede anti-slip soles finish the slippers.  They are beautifully presented in an organic, cotton Sew Heart Felt draw string pouch.

The Sew Heart Felt Collection is designed in England by Sonia Spencer and skilfully hand made by women across the world, using local traditional crafts handed down over many generations. Wherever possible their collection is made using organic fibres and eco friendly pigments.  Sew Heart Felt has a firm commitment to: fair wages and good working conditions at every stage of the creative process; absolute assurance that no unfair, forced or child labour has been employed during the process of production; that most waste is recycled; that all water comes from a sustainable source and the establishment of excellent quality controls to assure the best products for our customers.

Sew Heart Felt's collection has been awarded "Gift of the Year" for the Eco Friendly Award for 2012, 2013, finalists in 2014 and winners again in 2015!