Playforever Blue and Yellow Metallic Racing Car "Malibu Lucas"


Playforever Malibu Verve Lucas
  • Playforever Malibu Verve Lucas
  • Playforever Malibu Verve Lucas
  • £21.00

Another design classic from the amazing Playforever, this striking racing car, the Malibu Verve Lucas, was inspired by the Maserati Formula 1 cars of the 20s and 30s. Ultra stylish with metallic blue and yellow striped body; matching yellow wheels with black tyres and a silver helmet to represent the driver, this car is sure to be loved by adults and children alike.

Length 150mm x Width 94mm x Height 58mm.

ABS Plastic with high gloss UV coating. Hand-polished with care.

EN71 test certified.

Playforever believe in authentic design and a flawless finish. They use child-friendly soft-roll rubber wheels and long lasting, UV resistant paint finish. They never compromise on detail or quality. All products are safety-tested to the highest international standards.