• Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017

    There were a lot of exciting Wallow moments last year:  seeing my customer base at my Sussex shop grow; launching Wallow online after a process that at times felt like it would never end; and getting my first online sale and each one after.  

    It was a really challenging year too, in which I learned a great deal: about how hard it is to grow a small business; about the huge complexities of online retail; that launching online is only the first mini step in a very long journey; and how important it is to accept limitations of time and the amount that you can do in a day!

    I had great plans for January, for all that I would do to push Wallow forward into the new year, but I also put off a lot of things from December to January, in trying to boost Christmas sales as much as possible. I got to January and suddenly my workload seemed pretty scary.  But my resolutions for 2017 are to stay calm, to enjoy this amazing journey through the joys and pitfalls of independent retail, to do more than I hope, but not to get anguished when it seems like not enough, and to feel less guilty when the work-family balance tips up or down at one end or other.

    So, it may already be mid-January and it may be officially too late to wish a happy new year, but I did want to thank everyone that supported me and Wallow last year and to wish everyone the best possible year ahead.

    Ruthie x